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Chemical Fire Bottle
How to make Sodium Chlorate
How to make Potassium Nitrate
RDX from C-4
Picric Acid from Aspirin
Nail Bomb
How to Make Mercury Fulminate
Egg Gelled Flame Fuels
Flash Powder
Black Powder
Thermite Reactions
Poisoning With Nicotine
Fun Missile
Chemical Equivalency List 2
Carbon-Tet Explosive
Ways to Find Your Target
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Chemical Equivalency List 2

Anyone can get many chemicals from hardware stores, supermarkets, and drug stores to get the materials
to make explosives or other dangerous compounds. A would-be terrorist would merely need a station
wagon and some money to acquire many of the chemicals named here.
Chemical Used In Available at
________ _______ ____________

alcohol, ethyl * alcoholic beverages liquor stores
solvents (95% min. for both) hardware stores

ammonia + CLEAR household ammonia supermarkets/7-eleven

ammonium instant-cold paks, drug stores,
nitrate fertilizers medical supply stores

nitrous oxide pressurizing whip cream party supply stores
poppers (like CO2 ctgs.) Head shops (The Alley at
Belmont/Clark, Chgo)

magnesium firestarters surplus/camping stores

lecithin vitamins pharmacies/drug stores

mineral oil cooking, laxative supermarket/drug stores

mercury mercury thermometers supermarkets,
hardware stores

sulfuric acid uncharged car batteries automotive stores

glycerine pharmacies/drug stores

sulfur gardening gardening/hardware store

charcoal charcoal grills supermarkets
gardening stores

sodium nitrate fertilizer gardening store

cellulose (cotton) first aid drug
medical supply stores

strontium nitrate road flares surplus/auto stores,

fuel oil kerosene stoves surplus/camping stores,

bottled gas propane stoves surplus/camping stores,

potassium permanganate water purification purification plants

hexamine or hexamine stoves surplus/camping stores
methenamine (camping)

nitric acid ^ cleaning printing printing shops
plates photography stores

Iodine disinfectant (tinture) Pharmacy, OSCO

sodium perchlorate solidox pellets hardware stores
(VERY impure) for cutting torches

^ Nitric acid is very difficult to find nowadays. It is usually stolen by bomb makers, or made by the
process described in a later section. A desired concentration for making explosives about 70%.

& The iodine sold in drug stores is usually not the pure crystaline form that is desired for producing
ammonium triiodide crystals. To obtain the pure form, it must usually be acquired by a doctor's
prescription, but this can be expensive. Once again, theft is the means that terrorists result to.