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Fun Missile

This missle is aptly named because it travels best down a street or road. This is nothing more that
harmless phun intended to scare the living shit out of oncoming cars.

How To Make A Missle

All you need are :
* Hairspray can, or something else with flammable propellant (don't use spraypaint dipshit, it makes
a big mess!)
* book of ordinary matches
* tape (clear if possible, its thinner)
* BB or pellet gun (use BB's if possible)


Tape the book of matches to the bottom of the can, y'know, the CONCAVE part. You might want to arrange
the matches so that they are spread over a wide area of the bottom of the can, but close together.

Shake the can up vigorously. Now place the can on its side with the nozzle of the can pointed in the
direction you want it to go, down a road, off a ramp, at your sister, etc.. Now stand back a bit, and
shoot at the matches. It should take off at about 30 ft per sec!! What happens in case you couldn't
tell, is the BB hits the matches and causes a spark, and at roughly the same time, punctures the weak
bottom of the can. As the propellant sprays out, it hopefully comes in contact with the spark, and
presto. If you dont do it right you'll blow a lot of money because each can can only be used once, so
experiment to find best results.

In The Air Missle

Compile the rocket as stated before, and put it verticle on a stand of some sort with the bottom
accessable. Place a section of PVC pipe 95 deg. preferred and shoot into the PVC pipe which should
direct the BB upward, and the can should take off. Experiment w/ different cans, its hard to find ones
that work perfectly, and still go higher than 30 ft.